We are excited for the Festival Cinema Novo taking place on March 8 this year:


According to the website, The Cinema Novo Festival was founded in 1983. It was then called the Third World Film Festival, an initiative of the Brugge Third World Council, which provided the town with advice in matters of development aid.

The aim of the ‘founding fathers’ – Jan De Clercq and Georges Micholt – was to use a film event, one of the most popular cultural expressions, to contribute to a new image of the developing countries. The first edition featured four films and attracted 700 viewers. During its initial years, the festival started growing steadily: more means, more staff and more visitors. The Third World Film Festival was officially recognized by the Ministry of Development Aid and received financial support from the Flemish Community, the province of West Flanders and the Brugge town council.

We are delighted that travelers will be coming in town for it!

By Didi Lutz


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