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There’s plenty of things to discover in and around Bruges. In less than 500 metres, there’s more than 316 restaurants to be discovered and 138 places to visit. Boutiques, cultural heritage, world architecture…. But did you know that it only takes a 5-minute drive to escape the city center into the countryside? Bruges is surrounded by lots of green, bicycle-friendly routes and less than 20km from the Belgian the coast with 10 coastal towns: Knokke, Zeebrugge, De Haan… Enough reason to stay a little longer!

Bruges by bike

Did you know that Bruges is only a 5-minute drive from the countryside? Right outside of the city’s walls, there’s a lot of nature and plenty of beautiful and safe cycling routes. Start at the hotel and go to the polders, picturesque Damme or even to the seaside. The authentic seaside city of “De Haan” or fashionable “Knokke” are at only 20 km by bike. We are happy to help you rent a bike (electric) and plan your route. Make it even more special with a Deluxe Picnic!

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Golf Adventures

Did you know that there are no less than 153 holes in the Bruges area? Enough space to improve your handicap! Hit one of the 7 golf clubs in the area in the morning and enjoy the city of Bruges and all its splendor in the evening. Relais & Chateaux Hotel Heritage is the perfect base to plan your next golf adventure. We offer you the place to safely store your golf equipment.

Romantic picnics!

Make your day trip extra romantic with a picnic. We know the best picnic spots in and around Bruges. Do you prefer cozy in the city park or quiet in the countryside? Everything is possible in Bruges. Go for our handy take-away package or make it extra luxurious with champagne! We can even deliver it to your favourite spot!

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Vintage Fiat 500

You are sitting at the wheel of a vintage Fiat 500, an old car with a high body factor. A Fiat 500 is in the lead and you just have to keep up. You will visit the castle woods on the outskirts of Bruges and stop at Loppem Castle for a visit or a walk.

Authentic Solex tours

Discover the historic Bruges Area on a Solex! Surprise yourself with lush greenery of the city outskirts. An original way to cross Bruges without wandering for long distances. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. P.s. We know the best spots to go

Segway Guided Tours

With a Segway through Bruges, they take you in an original way to the most unique sites that the city of Bruges has to offer. We show you the most beautiful historical places, the most important monuments, special buildings and hidden treasures. They guide you through the city and give you the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere without having to walk long distances.